Thursday, 27 February 2014

1v6 LOL game - First Hexakill

Take a look at this video and tell us what you think by leaving a comment. I have noticed a lot of hate recently for Athene. A lot of users disliked this video because the say that the players he played against were either nobs or they let him win.

To make it clear for you here are the players he played against.
Yazmataz182 (quinn) - lvl 12 
Zealottas (graves) - lvl 7 
pl1x (ryze) - lvl 12 
mrmist3241 (tryndamere) - lvl 13 
Superbe (zed) - lvl5 
KiDrosm (irelia) - lvl 4

Athene is a sponsor for the Save The Children charity organisation, he even have a live streaming channel right here, and in my opinion I think he is a good guy. I respect his work and I respect him.

For those who say that he is nob and idiot and so on, please look at the title : 1v6 LoL Athene World First + Hexakill #2pro4LCS. He never said he was plaing against diamond or challenger. Actually that would have been literally impossible.

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